Z Gauge - Tiny Town
Tiny Town was generously donated to Alsager Railway Association by a very kind benefactor including all of the rolling stock.

Tiny Town was originally on an íLí shaped base board. However, due to operational problems it was decided to do some improvements to the layout. The first thing was to remove the track in lower right corner and to cut off the lower corner of the base board to make the layout rectangular for easy transportation. (SEE BELOW).

Secondly we kept having electrical problems and with some discussions with the benefactor we found that he had used every bodies favourite phone wire! We have all done it? Also it had been laid into the surface and scenicís laid over the top making fault finding difficult to say the least. So it was decided to rewire using stranded wire 7/0.2. Running all the wiring on the under side of the base board and connected into a junction box with ĎDí type sockets to allow a new control box to be plugged in.

Thirdly we decided to fit a frame to the under side of the layout to strengthen the layout when moving it. Also, legs could be fitted to the frame, for free standing. The frame allows it to clip onto a wall bracket for use at the club, where It can be hinged up when not in use and is self locking .(SEE BELOW). Which also allows room for the wiring to be run on the under side.

We are planning to fit a bypass track around the double slip to give double track running in opposite directions on the inner and outer loops . This would also require a new controller for the track feed on the inner loop. (SEE BELOW)
We are also planning to fit a third controller for the inner sidings so that shunting can take place at the same time as the inner and outer loops are being used. To do this we will have to modify the track isolation. (SEE BELOW)
With an on going project of the updating of scenicís where applicable will keep use occupied
In the not so near future
We are planning to fit sensors and sectionalisation of the outer and inner loops for multiple train running on.
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